Meet our broodmare band. Our mares are dual registered with both ApHCC and ApHC clubs. Also 5 Panel tested N/N with Animal Genetics and/or HYPP N/N, PSSM1 N/N.

Imagine the Gold (ApHCC #45624 (F2) / ApHC #626608) 5 Panel Tested N/N - 2002 Palomino w/blanket (Imaginary Gold x Triple Marble).

A Unique Secret (ApHCC N44381(F2) / ApHC CN619666) 5 Panel Tested N/N - 2003 Liver Chestnut (The Secret x Excellunique). Bred to Skipa Crystal for a 2018 foal.

Star Kissed Me - (ApHC #637565) - 2005 buckskin, (Master Star X Kiss of Heaven). 5 Panel tested N/N. Bred to Skipa Crystal for a 2018 foal.

Imaginary Brighteyes (ApHCC #46331 (F3)/ApHC #660328) - 5 Panel tested N/N - 2009 palomino fewspot (RR Lonesome Heartman X Imagine the Gold). Chestnut Leopard colt born June 20/17.

Imagine Alota Money - (ApHCC #47328 (F3)/ApHC #674515) - 2013 bay with spotted blanket (Diversified Money X Imagine The Gold). HYPP N/N & PSSM1 N/N.